Do your employees feel undervalued or unnoticed? Not for long!

When a teammate goes above and beyond, encourage them to keep up the hard work with a performance reward. And you know your employees best—Hawk Incentives allows you to customize your rewards program, so that you're always prepared to show appreciation with gift cards from brands they actually love. The statistics don't lie—your staff is looking for that type of appreciation.

Employee Performance rewards with Hawk Incentives

77% of employees report they would work harder if they felt better recognized.

Employee Performance rewards with Hawk Incentives

Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.

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Mastercard® Prepaid Card
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Visa® Prepaid Card
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Happy Moments Gift Card
42% of job seekers consider reward programs

Attract the Right Talent With a Performance Reward Program


Incentive programs can also help retain high-performing employees. Remember that even just a 5% increase in employee retention can boost profits 25—85%.

Only 40% of employees are well-informed of company goals

Raise the Bar and Clear it Using Performance Rewards


Do you need to hit a sales goal? Or increase customer satisfaction scores? Set a goal and introduce a performance reward to encourage employees to rise to the challenge and help you succeed.

86% of organizations have rewards programs

Keep Up and Make Sure Your Team Feels Appreciated


You might assume your employees leave your company for more money elsewhere. Well, this might surprise you, but only 12% actually earn more from their next company. They could just be heading to one of the 86% of organizations that reward performance.

39% of employees feel underappreciated at work

Adjust Your Rewards Over Time for Maximum Impact


Your performance rewards program is customizable and can always be updated to ensure your employees are getting the rewards they value.

Your results are our priority

Find rewards, platforms and services that deliver.

700+ Options

Your incentive program success hinges on the variety of digital and plastic rewards. 


Incentives should be a seamless extension of your brand experience.

Always Secure

We get it—when dealing with rewards, accounts, and money, security is essential.

Easy Management

Manage your entire program with our help—or on your own.


We keep up with ever-changing compliance regulations for you.