Tools & Communication

Quickly Launch Custom Promotions and Communications

Hawk Redeem’s configurable admin tools enable your account manager to quickly launch new promotions, with no IT needed. The flexible architecture allows for workflow management, customizable attributes and, of course, your branding.

Marketing Tools

You can also include email opt-in, dynamic survey questions or banner ads to your submission process, making each customer experience an opportunity to build a better brand relationship, with extended communication and data collection.


Easy Submission and Reward Choices

Easy Submission and Reward Choice

“Keep it simple,” is a great motto. With a streamlined, mobile-responsive submission, customers have the frictionless experience they demand, and you still get the data you need. Our platform enables image and receipt upload, as well as the ability to print and mail.

Reward Choice Made Easy

Today’s customers want reward choice. This means different types of rewards and reward delivery. Our ClickChoice℠ allows you to offer customers their choice of reward type, and the ability to choose physical or digital delivery. It’s the perfect solution for today’s choosy customers


Engagement and Customer Care

Build More Loyalty

Hawk Redeem offers additional modules that make the most of your customer rebate engagement, including product reviews, refer-a-friend programs, social sharing and dynamic surveys, creating a whole loyalty ecosystem within the promotional experience.  

24/7 Customer Service

Online 24/7 submission tracking provides easy access for your customers, and our customer service portal provides access to our customer care team through chat, email and phone support.


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