Make the holidays special for employees with a gift that jingle-bell-ROCKS

It shouldn’t surprise you that 60% of Americans find the holiday season stressful, and 15% reported that their greatest cause of stress was making the right gift choice. Your team is already planning the holiday party, choosing a venue, ordering the food—there’s no point in adding the task of ordering company-branded tchotchkes or holiday fruit baskets. Choose a crowd-pleaser that’s also simple for your organization to customize and execute.

Employee Holiday Rewards

41% of people say gift cards are their favorite holiday gift1.

Holiday Rewards with Hawk Incentives

91% of employees who received a holiday gift card say they liked getting it.

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Happy Moments Gift Card
Happy Moments Gift Card
visa predesigned card
Pre-designed Visa® Prepaid Card
MAX Mastercard prepaid card
MAX Mastercard® Prepaid Card
Not every company can afford giant bonuses

Show Appreciation Without Breaking the Bank


If you don’t have a huge budget for holiday gifts, consider giving your employees a little extra time off with their families, combined with a gift card they can use to make meaningful memories.

Each employee has a different item on their wish list

A prepaid gift card gives them the freedom to spend where they want


Take the guesswork out of the equation and give flexible reward options like prepaid gift cards. They’re a great way to allow employees to buy exactly what they want from where they want, since they can be redeemed practically anywhere.

Add a little holiday flair to your presentation

A Personal Touch Lets Employees Know They’re Valued


Consider writing a holiday note to accompany each gift, so your employees feel valued. With Hawk Incentives, you can also customize each card with the employee's name, a holiday image, and your company logo. 

An egift ends the waiting game

Drop Holiday Gifts Right Into Their Inboxes


Not only is it convenient for your staff to spend holiday egift cards, but you won’t have to wait for anything to be delivered. These online options arrive in your employee's digital stockings almost instantly.

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