Incentives that Drive Participation, Encourage Survey Completion and Improve Respondent Experience

Rewarding respondents to encourage the participation and engagement that leads to more reliable and usable data doesn’t need to leave you frustrated, with less time to focus on your actual research. We provide the tools you need to cut down on cumbersome reward administration and ensure respondents have positive experiences.

For example, the Hawk MarketplaceTM platform offers self-service to full-service, easier ordering and reward management. With user-profile based access to all the rewards that Hawk Incentives offers—from prepaid cards, digital prepaid cards, ecodes and more—easily access your customizable selection, manage and go. Plus, our easy-to-use platform enables single card ordering or bulk ordering perfect for everything from in-depth interview to large in-person focus groups.


79% of Americans would choose a prepaid card


69% would prefer a physical prepaid card


29% would prefer a digital prepaid card

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visa prepaid card
Visa® Prepaid Card
Reloadable Mastercard Prepaid Card
Reloadable Mastercard® Prepaid Card
mastercard prepaid card
Mastercard® Prepaid Card

There’s a right incentive for every situation to satisfy and engage market research participants wherever they are.

Different rewards work better in different scenarios, which can vary based on research method, type of information being gathered and the audience.

We offer more than 700 reward options, including egifts, digital prepaid cards, ecodes and more. Many of these options can be delivered in real-time—empowering you to offer the right incentives that will increase respondent participation and internal efficiencies. Plus, we offer award-winning cardholder support and customization options to personalize rewards with your logo for seamless branded marketing that helps you execute more successful market research campaigns.

Use Cases for Market Research Rewards

Online Focus Groups

Give participants a $25 digital reward that only requires a name and email address to be delivered in real time.

Longitudinal Studies

Issue respondents a reloadable prepaid card. Then, automatically load $50 on it after each additional round of follow-up surveys or interviews.

In-Field Studies

Use $25 instant-issue prepaid cards as a carrot to incent prospective respondents to speak with you.

Broad Studies

Issue each member of a diverse group of participants a digital OmniCode which can be redeemed online for their choice of a physical or digital prepaid gift card.

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