In a previous blog, we distilled some new research into 3 ways to improve your wellness program ROI. This time, we’re getting into program execution, specifically 3 ways Hawk Incentives works with our clients to provide the best possible end-to-end user experience (further increasing the effectiveness of any program).

This blog, however, is not based on research. It’s based on our years of experience as the industry leader in rewards, incentives, program design and execution (we say modestly).

1. We Make Getting Started Easy


For wellness programs, the key is participation. And the key to participation is offering rewards that motivate. At Hawk Incentives, we can help you design an employee wellness incentives program from scratch that will benefit both you and your employees. It’s wellness without the headaches.

  • Create a balanced rewards strategy offering a variety of desirable options.
  • Consider custom-branding prepaid reward cards to remind employees of their accomplishment (and your brand) every time they’re used.
  • Remember, gift cards are better than money; it’s a way to treat your employees to an experience they will remember.
  • Scalability is built-in from the very beginning, so your program will work glitch-free, even during peak seasons.
  • We also offer a comprehensive rewards portfolio, total program management, inventory management, marketing and cardholder support.

2. We Are Very Supportive


There’s no middle name in Hawk Incentives, but if there were, it would be Service. We strive to support our clients in any and all ways, ensuring your rewards or incentive program remains the most positive experience. To that end, we hire only the nicest, most knowledgeable and conscientious people, and have developed a list of client services that cover your every need.

  • Our account management team offers everything from kickoffs to project plans to weekly calls and reviews to ensure everything is perfect.
  • We offer fulfillment services that cover the gamut of any program, whether you’re working with branded prepaid cards, checks, virtual rewards or any other incentives.
  • Since our company and employees are so experienced, we’ve developed a wide range of industry alliances; we’re glad to share them with you.
  • We’re proud of our award-winning customer service team and contact centers (located in the US and nearshore). You can talk to real, live people (or chat with them) seven days a week—and in 17 different languages.

3. We’ve Got Compliance Covered


These days, data security is something that applies to everyone. In the wellness industry, though, not only do you have to meet the new PCI DSS standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) like everyone else, you must also consider HIPAA regulations.


At Hawk Incentives, we take compliance and security issues very seriously; we know the standards and regulations, and we know how to protect your business. We can even issue rewards automatically through our suite of APIs, which automatically reduces your level of risk.


Just by having Hawk Incentives as a partner, your company will be more secure.


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