The success of a consumer rebate program can often be measured by the effectiveness of the rebate provider. A valuable consumer rebate program should deliver a customer experience that’s fast, easy and frictionless. So, a rebate provider offering end-to-end rebate processing, reward fulfillment and customer care, can make your rebate program more powerful than ever.

In fact, as connected shoppers in today’s world, we expect our customer rebates to be easy to participate in, and preferably online. In fact, 57% of American shoppers want to redeem rebates on their smartphones, according to our recent study.

So, what else should rebate providers deliver to create meaningful consumer engagement and impactful results for the retailer?

Here are 5 innovative solutions you should expect:

1. Marketing to your customers, so they spend reward dollars back with you

Retailer rebate rewards should offer additional promotions — whether it’s a prepaid card, check, gift card or PayPal — so customers are incented to spend their reward dollars back with you, in your store.

2. Capturing customer data and activate CRM campaigns

Customers are willing to provide their personal information to receive a rebate, so it’s a great opportunity to get them to opt-in for CRM campaigns.

3. Asking customers survey questions during the submission process

Most customers are happy to answer a couple of short questions while they’re submitting a rebate, so you can customize dynamic questions during the redemption process to gain valuable insights that help you target future CRM messaging.

4. Auto-enrolling rebate customers in your loyalty program

Most rebate programs collect the same type of customer information as loyalty programs — name, address, email and so on. So, it’s easy for consumers who are submitting a rebate to join with just one click that auto-populates their information into your loyalty program.

5. Rewarding customers in as few as 15 seconds

Near-instant validation and reward delivery can truly surprise and delight your customers, so if you want to give your customers an almost frictionless experience — now you can.

As a retailer offering a consumer rebate program as part of your promotional strategy, your goal is to leverage your rebate providers’ capabilities to ensure that your marketing promo power is more valuable than ever.


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