It’s important to remember that when considering your core demographic, you don’t cater to them to the exclusion of others.

Your definitive resource on today’s most motivating loyalty reward products

By offering a carefully selected mix of rewards, you can appeal to consumers across all age and income groups, and potentially move some of those “second best” customers into  the category of “most loyal.”

Reward types to consider for your loyalty program:

  • Physical & Virtual Prepaid Cards – Available with a 5% back option, merchant filtering capabilities, and mobile wallet integration
  • Gift Cards & eGift Cards – Wide selection of wellness centric brands, available in both physical and digital formats
  • OmniCodes – Trying to please a diverse audience? Send a reward code to be exchanged online for the ultimate in reward choice

Download our guide, The Indispensable Guide to Loyalty Rewards, for insights on how to match the right reward to drive long-term relationships with your audience.

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This resource was created with you in mind—especially if you’re relatively new to loyalty programs and incentives, or have relied on the same types of rewards for a while. This reference guide will give you a broad overview of the different incentive types available, and how to effectively use them to support loyalty program goals.