Take off your marketing hat and think about your own life. When you go grocery shopping, do you linger in areas or aisles that offer you plenty of choices? Most people do, whether they’re choosing Granny Smith apples or a bag of salty snacks. They weigh their options, avoid the bruised produce and even consider their current cravings. Not surprisingly, people want the exact same experience with their incentive rewards.

Our recent research backs up this idea. Here are just a couple of insights into why the best—and by best, we mean most powerful—incentives should offer choice.

1. 97% of people surveyed would be happy with one to five (or more) reward choices

Almost all people—91%—that we surveyed would be happy with up to four options. But if you want to please the 97% who have an opinion, push the choices to five or more.

Incentives and Choice Graphic


2. 95% of people are likely to purchase a themed gift card

We asked consumers if they’d be interested in a gift card that can be used at several brands, and 95% of the people we surveyed were very interested. Our experience shows that anything consumers would buy for themselves—or as a gift for friends and family—is exactly what they’d prefer to receive as an incentive.

Source: Original Content Happy Names Study, Blackhawk Network, December 2017

Introducing Happy Cards

To help you offer the incentives that are the most attractive and powerful to achieve your program’s goals, we are pleased to introduce Happy Cards, which offer the choice of six to eight popular brands on each themed card. These incentives are exclusively available from Hawk Incentives, and they’re unique, different and exciting. Here are just a few of their features:

  • Four to six participating retailers or restaurants are available on each card
  • Cards can be used multiple times at participating brands as long as funds are available
  • Happy Card funds don’t expire, making them convenient for recipients

But what’s in it for you?

If you need to stretch your incentive budget and are looking for more affordable options, Happy Cards may provide better economic benefits to you, without losing their power to motivate recipients. And that’s worthy of a conversation with one of our reward experts, isn’t it?

Ready to offer choice with your rewards? Explore our Happy Cards today.