Gift cards and prepaid cards have transformed the incentives industry by becoming a preferred choice for rewards. Incentive buyers are looking to vendors to help map out a corporate incentive plan and identify the best gift card and prepaid reward solutions. But what exactly should you expect your vendor to be able to deliver

Incentive Magazine recently published an article from our own Jennifer Worley about what your vendor should be able to do.

Here’s an excerpt:

Deep Understanding of Prepaid Reward Card Options

Start by partnering with a full-service provider that has a comprehensive reward portfolio. Your vendor should have a deep understanding of the available prepaid reward options—and recommendations about what your participants want.

Compliance Management

It can take a lot of time and resources to ensure that rewards are in compliance. When searching for a vendor, look for a partner with a compliance-centric culture to protect your business and your stakeholders.

Program Management from End to End

Vendors should be able to offer the capability to manage your program from end to end. From what the program and rewards look like and where they can be used, to the approval process and how they are delivered. Your vendor should be able to receive your program goals, challenges and instructions and take it from there.

Card Filtering

Partnering with a gift card and prepaid vendor provides variety and access to a broad range of merchant relationships. Card filtering platforms allow you to filter redemption to selected merchants to provide a unique reward experience.

Flexibility of Product Capabilities

A vendor should be able to offer flexibility in its product capabilities and options. Its breadth of products and options should match the size of your business and your program’s scope to maximize its potential.

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