Look for a rebate provider with an innovative platform. It should offer cutting-edge technology, such as mobile rebate redemption and customer data capture capabilities that can activate CRM campaigns — all with a fast, easy and frictionless customer experience.

As a consumer brand manager looking for a better way to engage with your customers, consider these three powerful rebate innovations that can help your rebate program deliver stronger results this year.

1. Remember customers when they return to submit another rebate

The most price-sensitive shoppers are likely to submit multiple rebates over time. Innovative solutions within the rebate submission and redemption process can help ensure that their dollars are spent with you. “Remember Me” functionality provides auto sign-on for return visits when a customer hasn’t already signed on. You’ll create a better customer experience and interaction with your brand if they don’t have to re-enter their personal information every time they come back to your rebate site.

2. Allow single sign-on from your rebate processing website

Give shoppers an easy option to jump straight from your online store to your rebate processing site, which also allows their personal information to auto-populate for the rebate submission. Single sign-on connects your eCommerce or loyalty site to your desktop or mobile rebate redemption site, helping to create a seamless customer experience for shoppers.

3. Provide around-the-clock rebate customer service from a single source

The always-connected shopper expects answers 24/7. That’s why online tracking, chat, email or live operator services should be available whenever your customers have questions about redemption and rewards. Like most brand managers who offer rebates, your program management is probably beholden to at least two vendors: a rebate processing center and a rebate fulfillment company.

Consolidate your program — from a customer and brand manager perspective — with an end-to-end rebate processing provider. For consumers, that means a better customer experience because there’s just one company to call for any questions related to their rebates and rewards. And for you, it means that there’s only one company handling your rebate management services and your rebate fulfillment — including the capability to issue prepaid and gift cards — to help make your rebate program more powerful than ever.