Designing the right KPI partner sales goals, and rewarding successful behaviors at key points along the path, help to ensure the success of your channel partner programs.

Use these practical tips to create a sales channel strategy with KPIs that motivate and incent your partners.

Do: Identify program objectives and KPI partner sales goals that are aspirational, yet attainable

Obvious as it may be, many companies fail to capitalize on this crucial step. Objectives should be clearly defined, with quantitative goals set for each objective.

Don’t: Pick the same old sales channel incentive KPIs

Avoid KPIs that are too broad or interchangeable with any business. Your channel sales motivation and goals are unique, so your KPIs should be as well. Make them meaningful and specific.

Do: Incent behaviors that add value and sales velocity across the entire process

In addition to incenting sales, you should consider including these pre-sales behaviors to your list of incented activities. Especially if the products you are trying to promote have a long sales cycle.

  • Deal registration
  • Lead follow-up
  • Product demos
  • Speed to close

Don’t: Waste time and money measuring and monitoring the wrong metrics

Sure, knowing how your sales channel strategy performs is critical, but focusing on the wrong metrics is disadvantageous to your channel marketing and program strategy.  Don’t fall in the trap of believing that you should measure and monitor every metric possible just because you can. Be more selective.

Do: Assign KPI partner sales goals to benchmark moments

To design the most effective incentive strategy, consider all the necessary criteria that help make your program successful. Assign goals to help track performance across the entire program life cycle, including benchmarks such as:

Enrollment Rate: The percentage of eligible partners that enrolled in the program, including specific partners whose participation is required to ensure program success

Participation Rate: The percentage of partners who actually participate in the program versus those who simply enrolled

Redemption Rate: The percentage of rewards that were claimed, or paid, against the total number of activities performed by participating channel partners — while a sales rep can make an eligible sale, they may never follow through with the redemption. This “breakage” varies from 0% to 50%, depending on the program structure

Don’t: Bury yourself or your channel partners in unnecessary complexity

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Channel partner programs are complex by nature. To stay focused and successful, keep your KPI partner sales goals simple and understandable by partnering with a SaaS-based platform that is easy to use and flexible. Make sure your provider can offer end-to-end processing, rules-based validation and global reward fulfillment, services and support. Then, sit back and breathe easy.