We can help you improve Star Ratings and HEDIS scores with one call

If you’re a health plan provider with Medicare and Medicade members, Hawk Incentives can help you engage more of your members and improve your ratings by giving you the tools you need to run engagement campaigns fueled by gift cards: a reward that pushes member to share information and take advantage of preventative care options. As an industry pioneer and leader, we can create complete, end-to-end member engagement communications that are fully customizable, HIPAA-HITECH compliant and downright enjoyable.


We have have discovered in our own research, there is no single incentive that can motivate everyone. For this reason, we recommend a comprehensive reward strategy that incorporates a variety of unique and customizable rewards and multiple delivery options. It starts by giving you more than 1,000 digital and physical prepaid and gift cards so you can find the most motivating reward for each of your member groups. Then we use greeting card-style direct mail to introduce those rewards and to describe the healthy actions you want completed. Once your members complete those actions, they get a direct mail piece with their reward.

This can make your members feel better—and healthier. And it can get you better Star Ratings and HEDIS scores.

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We Are HIPAA-HITECH Compliant

Hawk Incentives provides pharmaceutical, corporate wellness insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and medical device industries compliant access to hundreds of physical and digital prepaid rewards and rebate processing services.

Tailor rewards to best motivate your members

1. Offer our unique filtered prepaid cards

Our patented DirectSpend® technology allows you to choose the places where your rewards cards can be spent.

2. Give the Universal prepaid cards 

The most flexible type of reward card, these incentives offer the broadest appeal to members. Their universal acceptance (anywhere the issuing card network is accepted) means cardholders can spend them on anything from transportation to health foods/ supplements!

3. Consider our exclusive MAX Prepaid Card

A popular incentive that gives members the option to use it at 160 retailers, restaurants and more. With so many choices there is sure to be something to please everyone. 

4. Go with gift cards that members want

Gift cards can be used with one brand are a great choice when you know what your members need or want. Or let your members choose a card that can help support their health! 

5. Have Multiple delivery options: 

Virtual and egift cards: some of the rewards listed above can be delivered digitally or via email. If your members are comfortable shopping online, these rewards are a great option because they can be delivered quickly, which reinforces the behavior you are incenting.

Physical cards: Many of your members may still like to receive a plastic card that they can put into their wallets and use online or when they are out and about.

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We May Be the Only Provider You Need

Hawk Incentives offers complete member engagement tools

One Provider

As a HIPAA-HITECH compliant incentives leader, Hawk Incentives may be the only provider you need. We have the strategic expertise, the member-friendly communications, the incentives and the analytics necessary to create and execute complete Medicare and Medicaid member engagement solutions.

Friendly Communications are More Motivating

Check out our unique greeting card-style direct mail


When it comes to creating healthy actions in Medicare and Medicaid members, communication is key. Hawk Incentives uses unique, colorful greeting card-style direct mail that members open, read and enjoy. Even better, these customizable greeting cards lead to healthy actions—and better ratings.

Specific Rewards for Specific Goals

With more reward options, you can exactly what you need

More Rewards

With more than 1,000 incentive and reward options, Hawk Incentives has what your members want. More importantly, we have what works. For Medicaid members, however, we can also offer rewards that help with prescription costs or car services to get them to appointments.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Our reporting and tracking show you the big (and small) picture


Even the best-run member engagement communications can be improved. That’s why our engagement campaigns include real-time and on-demand reporting and tracking analytics. In addition to being able to make adjustments to your program mid-stream, these advanced tools let you see exactly how well you’re doing—from the overall program to the individual member.