Compliant-Centric & Proud of It

Compliance Takes Effort

And that’s effort you’re not likely to find with other incentive providers. Hawk Incentives works to protect your business and cardholders, keeping a hawk’s eye on changing regulations and making sure your program is always in compliance. (Get it? Hawk’s eye!)

It’s All About Your Protection

We’re protective of you, like a good friend should be. When we’re brought in to effectively manage your compliance, it offers a level of security to your business and your stakeholders.

Validation & Fraud Management

If you want to take risks, go sky diving. Don’t take risks with your rewards program. We’re able to help protect your investment with complex program validation and risk management options for claim processing and reward issuance.

Claims Processing

It’s a breeze to achieve accurate mail-in and digital claim and submission validation with our powerful rules-based validation engine and team of claim processors. There should be a Nobel Price for risk reduction. We’re pretty confident we’d win.

Partner with Hawk Incentives for Compliant Sales Growth Resources

We’re committed to making sure our partners have everything they need to be successful. That includes compliance forms and guidelines, equipping them with the knowledge to be as devoted to compliance as we are. Other benefits Partners receive from our Partner Resource Library include:

         • Sales enablement tools

         • Proprietary research & whitepapers

         • Training & webinars

         • Social media marketing

         • Referral program

         • So much more


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