Employees working together to deliver incentive programs that build relationships

We Deliver Incentive Programs That Build Relationships

Powerful Incentive Solutions

You want to build stronger relationships. We can help. Hawk Incentives offers global incentive solutions that meet your specific needs, whatever they may be. Whether you’re seeking customer rebates, employee rewards or sales incentives, we have the right platforms, rewards and services for your business. With over 600 reward options to choose from, you’re sure to find a solution that gets results by connecting with participants on their terms and offering an enjoyable user experience.

Consumer Incentives That Turn Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Hawk Incentives offers customer incentive solutions that help you attract, acquire and retain customers.

Powerful, Simplified Channel Incentive Programs

Count on us for a more efficient way to gain mindshare from your indirect sales network. Our channel incentive programs put your brand ahead of the rest.

Sales Incentives That Turn Goals Into Realities

Our configurable sales incentive programs are a proven way to motivate your sales team to give their all. We offer effective corporate incentive solutions to encourage consistent improvement.

Flexible Employee Incentives That Get Results

We’re your one-stop shop for rewarding your employees and promoting healthier, more productive behavior. Our rewards are a great way to foster a happy, hard-working work environment.

All the Right Rewards

Our broad catalogue of rewards ensures that you can find the perfect incentive for maximum impact. Whatever your goals, you can be sure to find reward options that get results.

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