Get to Know Your Members

It’s simple: in order to help people make healthy choices, you need to know things about them. That’s why we give you all the tools you need to run successful engagement campaigns and get to know your members. Our digital communications and engagement solutions and our gift cards offer gentle incentives for your members. Reward them for things like filling out Health Risk Assessments and attending preventative care appointments.

With communication and rewards, your member population participation rates can improve dramatically. The right rewards offered through effective communications gives you the tools you need to get to know your member population—and raise your HEDIS scores and Star ratings.


HIPAA/HITECH compliant to respect patient data privacy


Reward portfolio of more than 1,000 options


Physical and digital reward cards available

Doing business on the insurance marketplace comes down to one thing: your reputation.

That’s why raising your HEDIS scores and Star ratings is so important.

HEDIS Scores

By improving communication with members and raising their participation rates, you’ll raise your scores and attract funding from government sources.

Build a picture of your member population

Rewards to encourage preventative health screenings and Health Risk Assessments help you understand the health challenges that confront your members.

Increase Engagement

Armed with this information, you can make sure you share relevant information that helps raise participation rates.

Rewards only work if people want them!

Our catalog of more than 1,000 brands will include something for everyone.

Customer Choice

Rewards are sent out personalized with your members’ names for a more engaging reward experience. Plus, all rewards are available as either physical cards or digital egifts.

Our suite of API tools make ordering and tracking simple

Manage your rewards with our self-service portals—with management and reporting tools built right in.

Reporting & Tracking

You’ll have the data you need to understand which campaigns are effective and how those rewards are being used.