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Customer Loyalty

Drive Loyalty Program Engagement Using Strategic Rewards Selection

If you’ve been letting your loyalty program coast on an aging rewards strategy, it’s time for a review. Technology is changing rewards and delivery mechanisms rapidly. What made sense a few years ago may no longer work. Our research shows time and again that the right mix of rewards can increase program performance by as much as 500%.* 

Customer Loyalty Insights

of retail program members prefer gift cards and prepaid cards as rewards


of Food & Beverage loyalty program members want redemption options at values of $5-$25


Reward choice for members of online retailer loyalty programs: Digital Gift Cards


would join a loyalty program if a gift card or prepaid card were offered as a bonus

The Right Mix of Loyalty Rewards can Drive Loyalty to New Levels

For members of airline and hotel loyalty programs, free flights and free nights are still the primary offer they gravitate toward. But for other industries, the rules are different.

In our 2018 consumer loyalty study conducted by research firm Leger, loyalty program members told us what gets them interested in joining and participating in a loyalty program. The answers vary by program type (e.g., retail, online retail, food & beverage, gym, bank, phone company, etc.), as well as by demographic. Key takeaways for us include:

  • To entice participation across age and income groups, a loyalty program has to offer a variety of rewards
  • For some types of programs, engagement is dependent upon the availability of lower-value, easily attainable rewards
  • Millennials are beginning to show a preference for digital redemption, particularly with online retailers

It’s important to remember that when considering your core demographic, you don’t cater to them to the exclusion of others. By offering a carefully selected mix of rewards, you can appeal to consumers across all age and income groups, and potentially move some of those “second best” customers into  the category of “most loyal.”

We Know Rewards

From prepaid reward cards and gift cards, to mobile and digital gifts, you’ll find the right reward to incent the right behavior.

Universal Prepaid Rewards Cards

Ideal for any corporate incentive program, these universally accepted cards from major networks— in your choice of single-load or reloadable—allow everyone to choose their own reward. Plus, we offer an exclusive prepaid card option that gives its bearer the opportunity to have 5% of their total spend credited back to their card when they use it to shop with participating merchants.

Max Prepaid Reward Cards

Powered by our DirectSpend® merchant filtering capabilities, this “Super Gift” card can be used at 160 popular merchants. It’s an affordable option that helps your incentive budget go further.

Multi-Merchant Cards

Network-branded cards featuring our patented DirectSpend® merchant filtering process let you direct cardholder spending to a specific category or group of merchants. We have some pre-existing multi-merchant products you can use, or you can create your own.

Virtual Open-Loop Reward Cards

Earn it now and get it now, with prepaid reward cards available in electronic format that can be immediately emailed.

Gift Cards

Our wide selection of popular single-merchant cards is often the right choice for specific strategic goals.


Our digital version of gift cards, available in the US, Canada and many other countries and currencies.

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Choosing the Right Rewards

The appeal of the reward is very much in the eye of the beholder, and it changes depending on your industry. The following use cases drawn from our survey data provide some examples of how to apply more than 700 different types of rewards:

Restaurant customer loyalty

For food & beverage loyalty programs, offer rewards under $50—and even as little as $5—so members can earn rewards quickly that keep them coming back to your establishment.

Retail digital customer loyalty rewards

Retail loyalty programs should offer digital rewards—particularly if your member base skews heavily toward Millennials.

Millennial Customer Loyalty

While Millennials exhibit a preference for prepaid cards, members of Gen X favor gift cards. Offering both ensures your program appeals to both groups.

Customer loyalty gift cards

Across all age groups—Boomers included—loyalty program members are more interested in redeeming points for gift cards and/or prepaid cards than for instant discounts.

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