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Wellness Rewards

The Key to Wellness Program Participation: Rewards That Motivate

A workplace wellness program is important because employees who live healthier lives are typically happier and more productive at work. To get—and keep—employees motivated and participating requires thoughtful, strategic rewards curation. Our research shows that different people are motivated by different rewards, and even different reward types. For example, for a $50 reward:


of your employees will prefer a physical prepaid card


would rather receive a digital prepaid card


prefer a physical gift card


will prefer an egift

You don’t have to know exactly what every employee wants. Creating a balanced rewards strategy is more about offering a suitable variety of options. Today’s rewards are multi-functional, offering benefits beyond the value of the reward itself.

For example, prepaid reward cards can be custom-branded, so employees are reminded that their workplace supports and rewards health and wellness. It extends the company’s brand and helps build goodwill.

For a largely Millennial workforce, gift cards and egifts can make a powerful addition to a rewards lineup. Think of it from the employees’ perspectives: A gift card is more than a monetary reward. A gift card or egift from a restaurant, movie theater or spa provides an experience that can create lasting memories.

Hawk Incentives issued over 50 million rewards in 2016, so count on us to offer the scalability needed during peak seasons. Plus, we offer a comprehensive rewards portfolio, end-to-end reward program management, inventory management, cardholder support, compliance expertise and brand marketing that helps you build a more successful workplace culture of healthy living.

Within the Hawk Marketplace™ platform, a hierarchy of users and programs can be set up, allowing individuals across an enterprise to order from one vendor, simplifying reporting and tracking of reward spend. This platform easily consolidates the workplace wellness incentives offered by different divisions or locations. If desired, our API solutions easily connect to your platform, providing all the rewards in your desired interface.

Use Cases for Wellness Rewards

Some scenarios that demonstrate strategic use of wellness rewards:

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Health screenings

Motivate participation in company-sponsored health screenings with instant-issue prepaid cards. These cards are unfunded until activated by an authorized user, and the denomination can be customized, so different types of screenings can come with different reward amounts.

Fitness programs

Whether you’re tracking gym attendance or participation in an on-site fitness class, egifts are an easy way to issue quick rewards that deliver instant gratification.

Nutrition education

Reward attendance to nutritional counseling sessions or classes with a multi-merchant card redeemable at healthy dining establishments and health-food stores.

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Health management

Big, long-term goals like weight loss and smoking cessation require significant effort and dedication. Offer frequent rewards in small amounts, and recognize milestones with larger rewards, such as a prepaid card featuring Hawk Incentives’ patented Five Back option.

We Know Rewards

From prepaid reward cards and gift cards, to mobile and digital gifts, you’ll find the right reward to incent the right behavior.

Universal Prepaid Rewards Cards

Ideal for any corporate incentive program, these universally accepted cards from major networks— in your choice of single-load or reloadable—allow everyone to choose their own reward. Plus, we offer an exclusive prepaid card option that gives its bearer the opportunity to have 5% of their total spend credited back to their card when they use it to shop with participating merchants.

Max Prepaid Reward Cards

Powered by our DirectSpend® merchant filtering capabilities, this “Super Gift” card can be used at 160 popular merchants. It’s an affordable option that helps your incentive budget go further.

Multi-Merchant Cards

Network-branded cards featuring our patented DirectSpend® merchant filtering process let you direct cardholder spending to a specific category or group of merchants. We have some pre-existing multi-merchant products you can use, or you can create your own.

Virtual Open-Loop Reward Cards

Earn it now and get it now, with prepaid reward cards available in electronic format that can be immediately emailed.

Gift Cards

Our wide selection of popular single-merchant cards is often the right choice for specific strategic goals.


Our digital version of gift cards, available in the US, Canada and many other countries and currencies.

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We deliver engaging reward platforms that are quick to launch, highly configurable, and easy to use.

Our reward delivery platform that connects your people and platforms to the right rewards, Hawk Marketplace enables comprehensive reward management via our portal and API solutions. It provides ordering, funding, loading, activation and reporting services for 700+ rewards for your organization.

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