Your Rewards, Your Way

Hawk Marketplace™ gives you access to our more than 700 physical and digital reward offerings. Easily order one card or one million! Add custom messaging, embossing, and branding with our intuitive wizard. Whether it’s a bulk- or baby-order, it’s sure to be effortless.


Multiple Users & Programs at Once

Spread the fun and delegate with Hawk Marketplace™. Create user groups, restrict access to individuals or full groups, and designate owners to receive specific system notifications.


Manage Rewards Anytime, Anywhere

Order, fund, and activate cards, all from one interface. You can also use the many marketing opportunities that prepaid rewards offer using unique applications, like instant issue. Seriously, what can’t you do with Hawk Marketplace™?


Reporting at Your Fingertips

Any time of day or night, log in and see performance report. One inclusive system can bring together all your info, quickly index associates, and turn your data into easy-to-understand visuals.


Ready to get started?