3 Ways to Improve Your Social Commerce

The growth in smartphone shopping and use of social media via smartphone have elevated consumers’ desires to link shopping experiences to social media. Our recent national shopper study found consumers are being underserved in the social space with 89 percent of shoppers following companies on social media for savings, even though most of the brands they follow are not regularly offering social savings. The study also identified that social sites are a close second to television among all media as a source for how customers learn about new products and services.

Facebook is helping to pave the way for social commerce with new innovations designed to make social transactions easier for both retailers and shoppers. One example is a new Facebook design that enables users to make purchases within their own feeds, instead of having to leave to shop on another website. The experience emulates portals like Soldsie and Candid that provide links for customers to buy from retailer posts on Instagram and Facebook, but with Facebook’s new design, the user never leaves Facebook throughout the experience.

Also on a parallel path is the growth in gift cards that can be placed in a passbook or wallet on the smartphone, providing the ability to pool gift card values that can be combined for purchases across the retail spectrum on the horizon.

Same day delivery, sometimes within a few hours, is being tested across the country, and is specifically designed to simplify social/mobile commerce. That is in part why Google is now piloting Google Express same day home deliveries. This service enables customers to shop multiple stores within a single mobile experience, similar to Amazon Dash and other delivery focused apps.

Just imagine all of the social/mobile opportunities that will spring from Google’s recent announcement that it will use algorithms to analyze satellite and drone video data to identify macro shopping patterns for the benefit of shoppers and retailers alike. Using this technology, Google will be able to alert shoppers and retailers on the best times to shop in-store or on their phone, based on where the customers are located at any given moment.

It’s exciting to think about where these new innovations will lead.

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