Consumer Rebate Programs, Smartphones and the Future of Loyalty

Rebates have a strategic, large and relatively secret role in loyalty programs. As the secret weapon for some of today’s largest programs, rebate data can fuel your loyalty program. It’s time to look at rebates, loyalty and the growing relationship between smartphones and consumer engagement programs.

Our Theresa McEndree recently discussed consumer rebate programs in an article published in COLLOQUY. She provided some insights to consider given the speed at which technology disrupts traditional consumer patterns.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

With shopper sophistication constantly accelerating, expectations for what mobile should deliver are sky-high. Competition is immense, and loyalty programs will be challenged to compete with the maelstrom of offers, promotions, and shopping news.

  • Rebates as a first step. Rebates have been the secret tool in the loyalty space because they help achieve the No. 1 goal of today’s consumer: NOW. They can be granted in near real time. The customer just has to make a purchase and head to a website on their phone. Rebates can play a vital role in acquiring new customers who can also be auto-enrolled in a loyalty program during rebate submission. It’s not difficult to get people to join a loyalty program, but programs are not ends in themselves. Ongoing engagement – via data acquisition – is the goal. And consumer rebates can jump-start that process.
  • Data as the second step. Mobile matters. It’s an on-the-spot conduit for intelligent content that gets directly to your customer—and also a vehicle for driving engagement. What will differentiate successful programs is the overall reward experience. Good experience derives from personalization, and personalization derives from data, collected across all channels.
  • The final step: Being where your customers are. Understanding how mobile technology drives rebates, loyalty platforms and rewards can give your programs an edge. It can also turn your programs into fully integrated mobile promotions. You can engage a customer on their phone, validate their purchase with easy mobile claiming and deliver virtual rewards to their wallet.




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