Five-Back from Hawk Incentives:
More Buying Power Without More Budget

The right rewards make your incentives program stand out. That’s why at Hawk Incentives, we focus on bringing unique, value-added rewards to make your program a better incentives experience.

And here’s one of those rewards that can not only make your program stand out, but does so without additional investment: Our award-winning Five-BackTM feature creates tremendous value for clients looking to get a little more mileage out of their rewards budget. At the same time, Five-Back also provides your recipients with an opportunity to get a little back themselves, when they use their cards at participating merchants. 

Here’s how it works: When your recipients use their cards at a select list of preferred retail or dining establishments, they receive 5 percent of the purchase price back on their cards. Specifically selected for their wide popularity, the list includes approximately 70 merchants in the US and 30 in Canada.

Download our checklist, The Right Fit: Eight Important Questions to Ask Your Rewards Provider, to make sure you find a partner you can rely on.

A first for prepaid cards for business, our Five-Back feature is available on virtually all Hawk Incentives open-loop cards, on multiple networks, and at no additional cost to clients. This added benefit allows Hawk Incentives to offer a cost-effective incentive, supported by targeted marketing materials, and featuring broad appeal to a diverse group of recipients.

While those recipients will enjoy a card that provides a bonus, you’ll enjoy bigger buying power without a bigger budget. You’ll also appreciate the optional benefits that come with many of our open-loop prepaid cards, such as ATM access, fulfillment options, international acceptance, preset or reloadable funding, and the ability to customize card artwork and materials with your brand, theme and special messages to make a strong impression. 

This makes the card a mini-billboard in your recipients’ wallets, reminding them of where they got it and what they had to do it to earn it—plus 5 percent more.

For a complete list of participating US merchants, visit For Canada,


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