When you’re ready to offer the ultimate flexibility in reward and delivery options, it’s time to consider using OmniCodes to reward your participants.

These digitally delivered ecodes enable quick bulk reward issuance and simplified pricing and administration. Your participants can then redeem the codes for gift or prepaid cards in their choice of either plastic or digital format.

OmniCodes enable real-time rewards issuance

When you issue OmniCodes, you provide your participants with a reward experience that’s as close to instant as you can get:

They’re delivered digitally, which means you can purchase and issue them quickly.

  • Participants can redeem OmniCodes in minutes via your custom-created online catalog
  • Participants get to choose whether they want a plastic reward card or digital reward, giving them ultimate control over when they receive their reward, and how they use it.

As you create your OmniCodes rewards catalog, you’ll select gift cards from dozens of popular brands. If your program is designed to achieve specific goals, consider building a custom catalog of merchant gift cards that help support those goals. For example:

Your catalog can also include Prepaid cards issued by Visa and Mastercard, which can be used anywhere the issuing network is accepted. You can add your logo to one of our predesigned cards to create a cobranded prepaid card, or even design your own card. By including prepaid cards in your catalog, you further broaden its appeal.

And to create a truly seamless experience for your recipients, we can build a custom-branded redemption site for you.

The OmniCode Experience

When it’s time for you to issue a reward, you or your program administrator will log in at OmniCard.com to purchase your OmniCodes, select the rewards for your online catalog and customize your email messaging. On the recipient’s end:

  • The email arrives in their inbox, featuring a unique OmniCode and a link to your online rewards catalog
  • Recipient clicks the link, selects a reward from the catalog and enters their OmniCode to claim it
  • If you’ve enabled digital rewards, your participant can choose to receive their reward as a virtual prepaid card or egift, or select the physical card.
  • With the digital option, the virtual prepaid card or egift request is processed and fulfilled in real time, and arrives in just a few minutes. Physical cards arrive in about 7-10 business days.

Automate both the ordering and redemption processes with our APIs

We offer a full suite of APIs that allow you to further automate the ordering process by integrating a variety of admin and end-user features into your program platform. Choose from options like card activation and registration, check card balance, order, activate, reload and more. You can even create your own cardholder support site.

Talk to one of our experts today—we can help you determine how to effectively incorporate OmniCodes into your incentive program to help you achieve your goals.