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Hawk Incentives Announces Enhanced Data Visualization and Analytics Dashboard
for Rebates and Promotions

The rundown:
Rebates and redemption-based promotions are a secret weapon for collecting meaningful and insightful customer data in spades. Hawk Redeem™, our rebate and promotions platform that allows marketers to get new offers in market quickly, now features enhanced data visualization and analytics. Powered by Qlik®, the capabilities expand the analytical tools available to our rebate clients by providing easy access to complex data, meaningful data associations and impactful visuals. You no longer need to be a developer or business analyst to go through the endless data-driven possibilities.

Currently rolling out to our rebate and promotions clients, these dashboards provide new insights into incentive programs to help ensure clients are in control of their decision-making and outcomes. Ultimately, this business intelligence will help our clients make better, faster strategic decisions, therefore enhancing their incentive program ROI.

Why the fuss:
Our new analytic dashboards provide interactive data visualizations on five intuitive dashboards, including submissions, performance, customer service, invoice billing and turn times. And, because sharing data is just as important as acquiring it, you can now export data directly from the dashboard into Excel.

The features include:

  • Drag-and-drop, instant, real-time data exploration
  • Faster, scalable analysis
  • On-demand aggregations
  • More complex analysis to find hidden insights
  • True responsive design—build once, deploy on any device
  • Automatic associative indexing allowing data to be instantly recalculated based on your data selections to understand relationships between different data sets quickly
  • Smart search capabilities
  • Centralized app management (program, customer service, invoicing)
  • Access to both summary and transaction-level data


What our team has to say about it:
What do these enhancements mean for Hawk Incentives’ clients? Blackhawk Network Vice President of Product Technology and Strategy, Daniel Hawtof says:

"Today’s marketers demand quick access to meaningful insights, and we are thrilled to launch our new data visualization and analytics tools to help power a better incentive experience. The addition of these enhanced business intelligence capabilities to our Hawk Redeem solution will create new opportunities for meaningful program optimization and insights about customers and promotional performance. This will help us continue to focus on enhancements that help clients achieve their goals."

To learn more about our new Analytical Dashboards and the enhanced features, click here.



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