Motivating the workforce to engage in wellness programs that promote a healthy lifestyle is one of the challenges corporations are facing today.

The latest issue of Premium Incentive Products Magazine looks at ways organizations and their employees can get the most out of their wellness programs.

Our VP of Marketing, Theresa McEndree, provided some insights on how wellness programs can engage employees and boost workplace satisfaction. 

Boost morale and engagement with employee wellness rewards

“Happy and engaged employees are huge assets to the organizations that employ them, and wellness programs are one of the ways to engage employees and boost workplace satisfaction. Employees want to feel appreciated and recognized for their accomplishments. By rewarding behaviors tied to wellness program goals, employers show employees that their hard work is noticed and valued—helping generate satisfaction from wellness program activities and driving engagement.”

There are many benefits to your company beyond employee health

Theresa adds, “The benefits of wellness programs extend beyond improving the health of employees; they can also boost morale, reduce absenteeism, increase retention, improve work performance, reduce healthcare costs, drive sales and even increase employee loyalty.”

Theresa also discussed how organizations can generate engagement and interest in wellness programs, saying “…a smart reward and incentive strategy is key. Our research found that 47 percent of employees want wellness rewards, but only 37 percent of employers offer them. The research also found that the number of employees who would participate in wellness programs nearly quadruples when rewards are offered.”

On choosing the right rewards to encourage healthy behaviors, Theresa adds, “employees value choice more than any specific reward, and customizable choices such as gift cards and prepaid cards are top employee favorites.”