Our phones are almost always within an arm’s reach, and we’re connected to them 24/7. But if everyone’s on their smartphones, why aren’t your rewards? People have come to expect digital integration in all facets of their day-to-day lives—receiving and redeeming rewards are no exception. People want to be connected and it’s vital to meet them in the digital world as part of your reward strategy.

You can do this by offering rewards via the same mobile and digital experiences you’ve worked hard to create in other areas of your business.

And then you can take it a step further. Forward-thinking businesses don’t just meet consumers digitally; they also deliver digital rewards almost instantaneously for a one-two punch.

This is important because people who live fast, digital lifestyles expect to receive their rewards soon after earning them. In fact, the majority of Americans say the ideal reward is delivered in less than a week. Delivering physical rewards so quickly can be a challenge, but digital rewards satisfy the desire for instant results delivered quickly and electronically.

Including a versatile mix of digital rewards in your engagement strategy can lead to a better reward experience. It can also keep your business relevant among mobile-minded people and reinforce your business objectives.

And while the speed and flexibility offered by digital rewards can keep your recipients happy, they can also help your business:

  • Extend brand engagement
  • Reach different audiences no matter their geographic location
  • Create ongoing sales and marketing opportunities
  • Make reward program results trackable
  • Increase efficiency
  • Cut overhead (digital rewards don’t require printing and shipping costs)

The expectation for fast, digital rewards is real.­ If you’re looking to refresh your digital reward strategy or create new digital reward offerings, it’s important to do it right.

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