Searching for the Ideal Corporate Gift
or Reward Card Incentive?

At first glance, it doesn’t seem terribly complicated.

You’re managing a corporate, consumer or sales incentive program. Obviously, you’re going to need a reward to give people when they do the things you want them to do. Needs to be one that appeals to a wide audience and works year after year. What should it be?

Well, something “good,” of course! Something anyone would be happy with. Backrubs. Rainbows. Pina coladas and getting caught the rain.

At second glance, maybe a little more complicated than you thought. Because when you actually sit down and try to choose a reward, that list of “universal good stuff” turns out to be pretty short and not much of it would fit in an envelope. Now what?

There’s always cash, right? Free money certainly has to head any good-stuff list. Maybe, but cash isn’t really king when it comes to rewards. It can easily end up in the family checking account, spent on dog food and light bulbs. When that happens, it’s a reward without an actual reward experience for the person who earned it. Which is another way of saying you’re not getting any bang for your incentive buck, because your recipient isn’t getting any.

While finding “something good” can sound a bit tricky, it’s really not. You just need a little expert help. That’s where we come in. This article will explain how partnering with the right provider can help you pull it all together and result in:

  • The right reward
  • Delivered the right way
  • At the right time
  • For the right result
  • To the right recipient. Your recipients.
  • To achieve your incentive goals.

Matching means to ends.

Reward type matters, because people matter. To be motivating, everything has to fit. And because there are so many types of people, you’re going to need many types of reward options. And we have plenty to offer you: more than 600 reward cards, paired with a number of value-added options, to make sure your recipients get a reward they actually want, in a way that makes the most sense for them, and also for you. Including international recipients. Even including pina coladas.

Once you know where you want your incentive program to go, we have a way to help you get there. That’s because at H.I., prepaid cards and gift card incentive programs aren’t a sideline for us. It’s the core of what we do. In fact, it’s just the beginning of what we do.

Does reward type really matter? It absolutely does. Download our free ebook, The Right Reward, to learn why.

A full-service provider with a comprehensive reward portfolio.

We were a corporate rewards pioneer and industry founder, so we have long experience with delivering reward card incentives. We understand your unique challenges. Providing rewards that are meaningful and motivating to all of your recipients becomes our mission, and we’ll apply all our expertise in B2B applications to make sure that challenge is met.

And we’ll do it as your single-source provider, using one of the broadest gift card and prepaid reward portfolios in the industry, allowing you to purchase all your physical and digital cards on demand from a single location. With so many options at hand, we work closely with you to create the custom solution that best fits your custom program.

How do we propose to do that? H.I. by the numbers:

  • 700+ prepaid and gift card options
  • 48 Fortune 100 clients and 177 Fortune 500 clients
  • 4 major prepaid card networks
  • 250+ merchant partners
  • 210+ countries/territories where products can be shipped

Your brand, your card.

From what it looks like to where it can be used to how it’s delivered, in that mix of options is the reward solution that will help you achieve your business goals. We’ll help you find it, whether your need is employee reward and recognition, consumer promotions, direct or indirect sales incentives, or loyalty and rebate programs—by no means excluding international.`

Our portfolio offers a product breadth and scale appropriate for any size business. Let’s take a closer look.

Prepaid cards: Ideal for large audiences, universally accepted cards from major networks allow everyone to choose their own reward.

Gift cards: Our wide selection of popular single-merchant cards is often the right choice for specific strategic goals.

Global rewards: Available in USD and CAD with more coming soon, cards can be shipped to over 210 countries, including some in local currencies.

Multi-merchant cards: Network-branded cards featuring our patented DirectSpend® merchant filtering process let you direct cardholder spending.

Virtual cards: Earn it now, get it now, with prepaid cards available in electronic format that can be immediately emailed.

eGifts: Our digital version of gift cards, available in select countries and currencies.

It’s not just the cards themselves. It’s what you can do to them.

To fine-tune the reward to best suit to the needs of your particular audience, we also provide you with a number of value-added options.

Customization: It’s your brand, so make it your card. Provide your own artwork and co-brand with your logo.

DirectSpend: Create your own prepaid card by selecting merchants where the card can—and cannot—be used to achieve experiential or strategic goals.

Value: Predenominated for one-offs, or reloadable for continuing programs, from $10 to $10,000.

5% back: Cardholders receive 5% back when shopping at participating merchants on most open-loop cards.

Instant issue: Load cards with funding right at the point of sale

Activation: Multiple options, including batch, fund upon activation and data capture.

ATM: ATM access available for many cards, including some international.

So that squares away the rewards part.

Now for the bonus part: the benefits and services you get when you partner with an industry leader.

An enterprise-wide solution: Employing multiple vendors to purchase multiple gift and prepaid card services is not only cumbersome; it can get expensive, too. By partnering with Hawk Incentives, you not only gain access to a wide selection of products, but also creative solutions and top-tier program management, all designed to save you time, trouble and money across the board.

Maximize volume discounts with a single vendor: One of the themes of this article is not making rewards harder than they need to be, and here’s a good example: Ease your financial and administrative burdens by consolidating with a single source. All departments across your organization can order multiple products from the same location.

Simplify reward ordering on our self-service platform: Intuitive and streamlined, our platform allows for quick and easy ordering via manual or upload, FTP, API and web services, providing multiple shipping options for any size order. Plus, you don’t need to wait for us to do a bunch of tasks for you. You can efficiently manage your account and perform many typical client and cardholder functions on your own.

A robust product mix: In addition to reward cards, Hawk Incentives also offers merchandise, promotional products, cash and technology solutions.

The Hawk Incentives difference

Flexible production and fulfillment

Supply chain with proven ability to support B2B client growth, quality and on-time door-to-door delivery for both individual and bulk orders

Thorough reporting

Track ordering, shipping an more via a variety of detailed reports

World-class client and cardholder service

Dedicated multilingual support staff for you and your program participants, both online and via phone

International gift card and reward capabilities

Hawk Incentives has extensive experience with clients needing international products, including 22 countries/territories with in-country currency

Technology tools and integration

Extensive suite of customized and off-the-shelf web-based applications allowing for ease of program administration, communication, ordering, tracking and integration into third-party systems

Compliance and risk management

Our compliance-centric culture works to protect your business and your cardholders, constantly reviewing changing regulations and ensuring your program is always in compliance

The right reward, the right way, for the right result, with the right provider

Prepaid programs for large companies are usually complicated. Providing the tools to help you with the responsibilities of managing these programs is what we do best. When you partner with Hawk Incentives as your single-source provider, you’ll be able to increase your focus on some of the things you do best: serving and engaging your customers and employees.



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