Right now, at companies around the world, one lucky person has the unenviable task of selecting the company holiday gift to thank and reward employees for their hard work over the previous 12 months. It’s not surprising that this show of appreciation is often uninspired, just one more thing to check off a long list during the chaotic holiday season. 

Recognizing an entire company of people can require a potentially overwhelming amount of thought, preparation and execution. In other words: more stress during the hectic holidays. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published insights from our own Jason Mauser on this very topic. Jason provides tips to help organizations choose the right reward to demonstrate gratitude and support year-round employee engagement. 

Here’s an excerpt

Bigger isn’t always better

Small rewards can have a huge impact without breaking the bank. If your business sometimes requires late nights or weekend work, why not repay your team with some paid time off? Giving them time to be with their families shows appreciation in a way few other gifts can. And combining that with a gift card to restaurant or other retailer can heighten the impact of the reward.  

Give the people what they want

It can be hard to predict which reward will have the most significance for your employees. Take guesswork out of the equation by giving them popular, flexible reward options in the form of gift cards. These enable employees to buy exactly what they want and where they want since they can be redeemed practically anywhere.   

Presentation is everything

Whichever gift you choose, include a personal touch like a carefully crafted message sincerely thanking them for their contributions. This can go a long way and validate the contributions of the people who make your business successful. 

It’s all about them

Ideally, you’d invest the copious amounts of time and resources needed to find the perfect personalized gift for everyone. But that’s just not realistic. Cover your bases by considering some time-saving but customizable gifts that still demonstrate that you care about your employees. For instance, egifts arrive almost instantaneously, saving time while getting the gift into an employee’s hands quickly and giving them the power of choice. 

Spread the love around

Full-time employees and executives shouldn’t be the only ones to receive a pat on the back around the holidays. Employees with varying levels of responsibility should all be recognized, as should part-time, contract and even temporary employees that contribute to your company’s success year-round.