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Top 10 tips to deploy a successful channel program

As a channel program manager, the surest way to achieve your goals is to design and implement a channel program that engages your audience, creating maximum participation, right? Right. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Poor communications is the second most-cited reason why programs fail. Marketers often underestimate what it takes to generate excitement and enthusiasm among potential participants, especially given the extensive barrage of messaging from other manufacturers.

Many channel programs are layered and complex with rewards based on sales and behaviors. So, it’s critical to have a comprehensive communications strategy that cuts through the clutter. Effectively building awareness about your program is key to promoting participation and ongoing engagement.

According to SiriusDecisions, it may require up to 30% of your reward budget to communicate your program effectively and optimize participation. Unfortunately, driving awareness is too often limited to sending a few emails or having a new program announcement on a partner portal.

Our most recent whitepaper, Channel Best Practices: Top 10 tips to assure your channel incentive program is a success, is designed to provide you with the guidance to ensure a successful deployment of your channel program by maximizing participation and audience engagement through strategic communication.

Find out how to create a comprehensive communications strategy and how to focus your messaging around your channel partner’s perspective: “What’s In It For Me?” (WIIFM).

Free download. Download our white paper, Top 10 Tips to Assure your Channel Incentive Program is a Success to get executional guidelines for each tip and learn more about “why its important” to you. 



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