As people have become accustomed to fast, digital lifestyles, they expect to receive their rewards soon after earning them, and on the devices they use all day, every day. It’s vital to meet people in the digital world and a digital reward strategy can fit the bill.

But which digital reward or rewards should you be offering?

It depends on your end goal, resources, situation and what you think will resonate best with your recipients. Ideally, you’ll want to offer a reward mix that satisfies a variety of tastes and preferences, while driving desired behaviors.

There’s a right digital reward and digital reward mix for every situation, and we can tailor them to your business. Let’s walk through the options— all of which are offered by Hawk Incentives.

Mastercard® for Mobile Wallet

Hawk Incentives was the first to offer Mastercard® prepaid cards for incentive programs that can be added to mobile wallet. Thanks to our Digital Pass™ technology, reward recipients can load their physical or virtual reward into their mobile wallet and redeem anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

Prepaid Mastercard® Virtual Accounts

There’s no need to print or carry around virtual reward cards. These digital versions of Mastercard prepaid cards can be emailed or texted to recipients for online spending. A code is sent to reward recipients in near real-time and can be used online wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted.


eGifts are essentially digital versions of closed-loop gift cards. They are delivered digitally but offer redemption flexibility since they can be spent online, in-app or in-store. We offer more than 160 egifts in the United States, more than 60 in Canada and more than 400 around the globe.


These unique codes are delivered to recipients electronically and provide redemption choices via an online reward card catalog. The person that receives the code can go online, do some shopping and enter the code at checkout to redeem its value. You can even customize the redemption website with your own branding to further promote your company. 

We can help you drive digital rewards today

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