Why eGift Rewards During the Holiday Season
Are a Win-Win

One of the most talked about gifts this holiday season might not be a physical one, but a digital one. Retail Customer Experience recently featured advice from our own Theresa McEndree about the rise in egift popularity among consumers. McEndree detailed how retailers can leverage egifts to sell and incorporate them into reward and rebate programs.

Here is an excerpt:

Here’s why egifts are a valuable rebate reward or incentive option for retailers and consumers around the holidays:

  • Omnichannel flexibility: Savvier shoppers combined with innovation in retail have transformed the landscape of holiday shopping into an omnichannel experience. Consumers quickly move from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online or on their mobile devices and back, and want to do so seamlessly. eGifts respond to this desire better than other promotional rewards.
  • Holiday shopping or gifting with egift rewards: Some shoppers may like to use loyalty program and rebate rewards to help offset the cost of holiday shopping. Retailers can make it easy for shoppers to redeem and use their rewards via various channels or even gift them to someone else. Once an egift reward is received, the recipient can print it out, store it on their phone, save it to their mobile wallet. Or, in some cases—re-gift it to someone else entirely.
  • Elevated brand interaction: When a traditional reward check is cashed, a consumer’s experience with the brand is over. With egifts, however, the brand can remain top of mind for much longer. First, the reward is received via email, text or app, and the retailer’s messaging is present. Next, as the reward is saved or stored, it acts as a mini billboard in the recipient’s mobile wallet or inbox. Finally, when the reward is redeemed, the recipient is reminded of his or her engagement with the retailer.

Blackhawk Network also recently published research that found consumers feel egifts are easy to redeem, personal and fast. These insights are great to take into consideration for companies designing a rewards program using egifts.



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