Blackhawk Engagement Solutions Announces Enhancements to Cloud-Based Sales Incentive Platform

August 1, 2016

LEWISVILLE, Texas, Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, a global incentives and engagement company, today announced the availability of a new library module and global merchandise catalog which enhance its proprietary sales incentive engagement platform. These features supplement the platform’s flexible, easy-to-launch sales incentive and engagement programs that reward sales and sales-driving behaviors.

The enhanced cloud-based platform, combined with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions’ hands-on client support and rewards portfolio, will now allow clients to:

Make training and marketing assets accessible for sales and field: The library module will make assets available to users in a variety of formats for either download or viewing. Clients can launch assets to engage sales, train users, provide marketing information and deliver sales enablement collateral. Users only see content that is assigned to their profile, with the platform’s profile management.

Enhance rewards from a merchandise catalog: Although many clients prefer to access Blackhawk Engagement Solutions’ prepaid and merchant cards, others want access to merchandise as rewards for achieving sales goals. The merchandise catalog allows clients to provide customized rewards depending on specific partner, geographical, or program needs. The catalog, supported in more than 220 countries, offers varying features including wish lists, sale items and featured products.

“Our enhancements allow users to be more productive and provide effective rewards,” said Dan Hawtof, vice president, product and business development, channel solutions for Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. “By implementing these features in our sales incentive platform, the library module and global merchandise catalog will allow increased sales efficiency and broader reward options for our users.”

Compared with other products currently in the market, the Blackhawk Engagement Solutions platform includes several key differentiators, including availability of leading consumer prepaid and gift card options, extensive program design flexibility, support available to customers as well as their users in several languages, and a strong partner grouping and content personalization capability.

These enhancements are elements of Blackhawk Engagement Solutions’ comprehensive sales incentive offerings. Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is a single-source provider with leading technology and services to simplify sales incentives.


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