Blackhawk Network Launches Same-Day Rebate Reward Fulfillment

February 10, 2017

Blackhawk Network today announced the launch of its first-ever rebate processing solution that allows consumers to qualify for and submit a utility-sponsored rebate, and receive a reward, on the same day. With this new On-the-Spot Rewards™ utility providers and service providers across the country can offer to consumers rebates and rewards following their purchase of an in-home service, HVAC or energy efficient product installation.

To take advantage of On-the-Spot Rewards™, utility and in-home service providers can enroll with Blackhawk and then invite their contractors and technicians in their communities to participate. After installation of a product or an in-home service call, a technician can complete the sponsored rebate submission by entering the consumer’s information using a mobile app in a process that takes fewer than 15 minutes. Next, the technician provides the consumer with a physical inactive open-loop reward card and the consumer will be emailed data that he or she can use to then activate and load the card with a reward of up to $1,000 by logging on to a web portal.

The information provided by the consumers during the rebate submission process can offer utility and service providers with useful shopper data. And the mobile- and digital-enabled utility-sponsored rebates can save utility and service providers mailing costs.

“Today’s deal-seeking customer is looking for a great reward experience. With On-the-Spot Rewards™, we have made taking advantage of rebates and rewards easier for American consumers,” said Jay Grinde, vice president of utilities at Blackhawk Network. “Utility and service providers have long seen the value in providing rewards and rebates to their end users, often to encourage them to take advantage of energy-efficient products and in-home services. As such, we are delighted to offer this rebate innovation.”

Blackhawk Network will be exhibiting this new technology in booth 708 at the 27th Association of Energy Professionals (AESP) conference February 13 through 16 in Orlando.

Blackhawk Network’s “Where It’s At: a Connected Shopper Study”* shows that across categories, shoppers would prefer a higher value rebate versus other lower value promotional offers.

*About “Where It’s At: a Connected Shopper Study”

Where It’s At: a Connected Shopper Study is an Internet-based survey conducted by Blackhawk Network in April 2015. The sample size included 2,608 adults.

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