Sheree Thornsberry Named One of the Most Influential People in the Incentive Industry

November 30, 2016

To be named to Incentive Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People in the Incentive Industry” is a prestigious new industry honor. Featured on the December issue cover, the list recognizes those who have contributed to the advancement of the incentives industry. The magazine describes its inaugural award as recognition for the “army of dedicated professionals across the globe that make this industry possible.”

Honorees were selected using combined input from members of the industry, as well as the magazine’s readers and editorial staff. Among the exceptional industry contributors was our own Sheree Thornsberry. Here’s an excerpt about why she, and we, made the list:

Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is a leading incentives company that is part of Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. It offers customized incentive solutions for consumer promotions, employee rewards and recognition, and sales channel programs. It has also bought and integrated a number of well-known incentive and recognition firms.

Under Thornsberry’s leadership, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions has grown an impressive physical and digital international rewards portfolio. It boasts more than 600 reward options, including prepaid and gift cards, and also offers intuitive and flexible incentive platforms.

“People expect more out of their incentives than ever before,” said Thornsberry. “We’re focused on producing truly innovative and valuable global reward solutions for every situation.”

Thornsberry was also interviewed by Incentive’s editor during the outlet’s 15th Annual Industry Roundtable this fall. In the interview, she detailed people are looking for innovation from customer and sales incentive programs. She outlines why the incentive industry is successful but challenging right now because people expect more.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

“Part of the challenge is that clients and consumers are expecting more what they ever did in the past. Where before the base and competitive differentiators were performance excellence or performance delivery. We’re now seeing a much heavier focus on the ability to be innovative. To be faster, smarter, better as it relates to the delivery of incentives.”

Her interview can be viewed in its entirety here.