Introducing Hawk Earn™

The points-based platform to incent individual and business partners. Our SaaS, cloud-based platform is easy to launch, simple to own and manage, and a cost-effective solution to drive loyalty with your audience. Using Hawk Earn, you can create deep loyalty by elevating engagement with our modules, streamline incentive and claim process, paying in near real-time and Sell more by driving the right behaviors: learning, earning and rewards.

Hawk Incentives Hawk Earn platform a points-based platform

Promotions, Offers, Learning and Content

Targeted Promotions and Offers

Stop promoting your incentive programs with PDFs or flyers. Easily promote and target personalized offers based on profile and attributes. When your participants have easy access to all of their eligible promotions, engagement and earnings are a breeze.

Multimedia eLearning

Branded product information, content and training provide valuable information to create knowledge and true brand advocacy. Our learning module enables training and quizzes in many multi-media formats. Smart learning can make your program an A+ performer.

Easy to Access and Loyalty

Easy Claim Management

Ease of doing business is critical for your participants. Hawk Earn enables easy claim management—claim and claimless—with online, mail or fax submissions or, if you prefer, through automated data feeds. Our portal shows a complete history of statuses, notifications, earnings and redemptions. Easy earnings, happy participants.

Easy to Access

In the field, at their desk, on the go, wherever your participants are, our responsive platform enables easy access. No need to download additional apps—it’s always ready to go and at their fingertips.

Campaign Set-Up

Targeted Smart Groups

Personalization, segmentation and relevant messaging help drive your program further. Our smart groups enable you to create dynamic segments based on any data attribute or group, helping you focus on the right participants so you can increase engagement and maximize budget. Smart groups are a bright way to get more mindshare.

Simple Campaign Set-Up

Our admin tools enable intuitive campaign set-up or program configuration in mere minutes. Launch a new campaign with no lag time or IT involvement, from simple earning schemes to complex calculations. Launch programs, collateral, training and more by using our easy wizard.

The Right Reward Strategy

Right Rewards, Right Communications

Reward strategy is key to driving success. The right rewards drive engagement, participation and repeat behavior. Hawk Earn provides a full suite of reward card catalogs, payment options, travel and merchandise in an easy ecommerce cart experience.

In-Platform Communications

Hawk Earn provides turnkey in-platform communications, offering an intuitive email manager with reporting. Communicate ad hoc, at thresholds or preprogrammed moments.

Available Integrations

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