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Fast Rewards for Fast Results

The faster you deliver a reward, the more closely connected it is to your brand and the activity that generated it. If you’re interested in offering the fastest possible reward delivery, it’s time to take a look at digital rewards.

The demand for digital rewards is growing. Hawk Incentives is here to help.

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Why Digital Rewards

Reward your recipients minutes after their dedication to your business. 

People love instant gratification. And right now, there is nothing closer to instant in the world of rewards and incentives than digital rewards. Because they can be delivered via a link embedded in an email, they can get in your recipients’ hands more quickly and be redeemed online or in select stores minutes later.

Minimize indirect costs of your reward program.

Digital rewards have far lower production costs—because there’s nothing to print, nothing to mail—that also translate into faster production time.

Speed of delivery and redemption are two big factors fueling the growth in popularity of digital rewards. According to a 2017 study by PayNXT 360, the digital rewards market—at $44 million in 2017—is projected to grow to over $81 million by 2021.3

Digital rewards support your business strategy.

  • Create a stronger association between the reward and the action it’s attempting to incent
  • Forge a deeper connection between the reward and your brand
  • Deliver a positive experience to incentive program participants through expanded reward choice and fast delivery
  • Reduce costs associated with reward production and delivery

1. Source: A Hawk Incentives Rewards Preference survey of 1,022 smartphone owning Americans was completed by Leger online between February 10 and 28, 2017. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of +/-3.07%, 19 times out of 20.
2. Source: Hawk Incentives proprietary data for 2015 and 2016.
3. Source: United States Prepaid Gift Cards and Incentive Cards Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics, PayNXT 360, January 2017.​

Use Cases for Digital Rewards

Some scenarios for which digital rewards are an obvious choice:

Heart Icon-Digital Rewards

Offering an instant reward at a health fair booth to encourage a health screening

Checklist-Digital Rewards
Market Research

Incenting members of a consumer research panel to participate in an online survey

Globe Icon-Digital Reward

Extending an existing program across international borders

Millennial Icon-Digital Rewards

Creating a promotion targeting Millennials
Hawk Incentives reward preference research tells us that, among consumers aged 18-35, 58% prefer digital rewards

Digital rewards circle image

The Right Digital Reward Options

Hawk Incentives offers a broad selection of digital reward options that are both cost effective and easy to deliver, creating an overall better incentives experience. Choose from:

Wallet-enabled Mastercard® Prepaid Card

This Hawk Incentives exclusive card product is a first of its kind. Available in both traditional plastic and digital formats, the wallet-enabled Mastercard Prepaid Card introduces a whole new set of reward options to your portfolio, including the ability to add the card to a mobile wallet.

eGift Solutions

eGifts offer rapid issuance, no production or shipping costs, data-gathering opportunities and flexibility with online, mobile and in-store redemption.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

These Mastercard reward cards can be delivered virtually via email  and redeemed online in minutes. They are open-loop cards, which means they can be used anywhere the associated network bank’s own card is accepted. And they offer a number of customization options that allow you to build a card that effectively incorporates your brand.


OmniCodes offer your recipient the flexibility to choose their own reward. With this option, you send a reward code to a customer that they use to access and select a gift card—physical or digital—from more than 100 participating merchants.

Five BackTM

We also offer a range of features and options that can be added to different rewards, including our patented Five Back™ feature, which lets you give your recipient a richer reward without increasing your budget.

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