Prepaid cards with various custom designs

Prepaid Reward Card Solutions

Prepaid Reward Cards for Every Need

We offer customizable corporate prepaid reward cards for nearly any incentive program. Our flexibility and extensive branding, features and ways to engage means that you can find a solution that’s just right for your business needs, and our easy-to-use platforms ensure that the process is simple and streamlined. Whether you need 10 cards or ten million, we have the reward and delivery for your needs.

Picking customer loyalty reward cards

All the Right Prepaid Options

There are many types of incentive programs, and many types of recipients with wide and varied tastes. That’s why we offer you one of the broadest corporate prepaid card solution portfolios in the industry, with a breadth and scale appropriate for any size business and any type of corporate incentive goal. We can provide the right reward quickly and easily for your program.


You can customize your cards with your own artwork, and co-brand with your company logo.* Each time the card comes out of the wallet, your brand comes with it, helping reinforce loyalty.

Reloadable and Single-Load Options

Issue a one-time branded reward using a single-load card, or drive ongoing loyalty with a reloadable prepaid card product. Hawk Incentives has an endless array of loading, funding and activation options to build the perfect customized reward for your program. 

Multi-Merchant Prepaid Cards

Using our patented DirectSpend® merchant acceptance process, you can filter cardholder spend to select retail establishments to achieve a particular experiential or business goal.

•    Pre-filtered cards: Hawk Incentives offers a number of DirectSpend cards, such as our MAX Card, featuring a list of approximately 160 US retail and dining establishments, and 90 in Canada. Your recipients will enjoy the spending, while you’ll enjoy lower card fees thanks to our merchant partnership agreements.

•    Build your own card: Our Preferences® Card allows you to select where the card can (and cannot) be spent, whether at one retailer or hundreds of retailers. You can choose by shopping categories, industry groups, individual merchants or even geographic locations to achieve a specific strategic goal.

5% Back

Your recipients will receive 5% of the purchase price back on their cards at participating merchants for all of our universal cards, including 70 in the US and 20 in Canada.

Global Prepaid Rewards

International business requires international rewards. We can ship cards to more than 40 countries in Canadian dollars (CAD), and US dollars (USD). Our virtual prepaid cards for corporate incentives can be sent anywhere there’s an email address (except prohibited countries).

Virtual Cards

Our prepaid reward cards are also available in electronic format, so they can be emailed immediately for a faster incentive experience.

Visa® Prepaid Card for Commercial Rebates

In the past, if you wanted to use a prepaid card to issue a commercial rebate to a business—for example, as part of an indirect sales incentives program—the card had to be in the name of the business owner or some other individual. But now Hawk Incentives provides you with the option of offering a high-load card in the business name itself. It’s an easy reward solution that can be used by multiple people in the company. Plus, earn 5% back on the card when it’s used at participating merchants. 

ATM Access

ATM access is available with many of our universal prepaid cards, including some international.


Options include batch activation, funding cards only when they’re activated, and data capture at time of activation. *Subject to required approvals.

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