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Delivering a Better Incentive Experience Is Our Calling

If your call center incentive programs aren’t keeping your team motivated, consider offering a whole new program that includes an easy-to-use, intuitive platform and a suite of desirable rewards. Sure, you still want to offer on-the-spot rewards and peer-to-peer recognition, but think about how a long-term incentive strategy could help your top performers meet stretch goals, and turn your solid people into stars.

According to the Incentives Research Foundation, “Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44%."

How does it work? First, you’ll need a very affordable platform that allows your team members earn points—or stars, dollars or whatever you want to call them—that they can redeem in an online reward catalog. That’s our Hawk Earn™ Platform, and it’s also fast and easy for us to set up for you.

Then, you need to set up some activities to incent. Maybe it’s an increase in sales this month compared to last month. It could be resolving more customer service calls within a specific timeframe. Or perhaps you’d like to give people who complete some type of training double points if they sell the items they just learned about. The options are endless, and we can help you determine what works best. In fact, we’ll make the whole experience fast, easy and accessible for you and your call center team to engage with.

Offering desirable rewards is an essential part of your call center incentives program.

According to our recent reward preference research, people prefer:

  • Open-loop prepaid reward cards, and the higher the dollar value, the greater the preference.6
  • For a $25 incentive, 48% want a physical reward card and 35% want a digital reward card.6
  • For a $100 incentive, 62% want a physical reward card and 30% want a digital reward card.6

And, based on our own experience, people want gift and egift cards from categories such as Home, Apparel & Accessories and Department Stores, among others.7

A motivated call center staff can do wonders for your business. That’s why it’s important to create an incentive program strategy that keeps your team engaged and motivated.

Hawk Incentives provides end-to-end solutions, including platforms, rewards and white-glove service.

6 Source: A Hawk Incentives rewards preference survey of 1,022 smartphone-owning Americans was completed by Leger online between February 10 and 28, 2017. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error of +/-3.07%, 19 times out of 20.
7 Source: Hawk Incentives clients, based on 2016 results.

We Know Rewards

From prepaid reward cards and gift cards, to mobile and digital gifts, you’ll find the right reward to incent the right behavior.

Universal Prepaid Rewards Cards

Ideal for any corporate incentive program, these universally accepted cards from major networks— in your choice of single-load or reloadable—allow everyone to choose their own reward. Plus, we offer an exclusive prepaid card option that gives its bearer the opportunity to have 5% of their total spend credited back to their card when they use it to shop with participating merchants.

Max Prepaid Reward Cards

Powered by our DirectSpend® merchant filtering capabilities, this “Super Gift” card can be used at 160 popular merchants. It’s an affordable option that helps your incentive budget go further.

Multi-Merchant Cards

Network-branded cards featuring our patented DirectSpend® merchant filtering process let you direct cardholder spending to a specific category or group of merchants. We have some pre-existing multi-merchant products you can use, or you can create your own.

Virtual Open-Loop Reward Cards

Earn it now and get it now, with prepaid reward cards available in electronic format that can be immediately emailed.

Gift Cards

Our wide selection of popular single-merchant cards is often the right choice for specific strategic goals.


Our digital version of gift cards, available in the US, Canada and many other countries and currencies.

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Service & Support

We don’t only strive to offer a better experience for your customers. We’ve created a better experience for your business too.
Account Management

We offer onboarding with kickoffs, project plans and action logs, supplemented with weekly calls, monthly check-ins, quarterly business reviews and annual client assessments.

Client Success

Our experienced client success team delivers continual optimization and strategic insights.

Customer Service

We offer award-winning contact centers in the US and nearshore. Service options include email and live operator coverage seven days a week. Support in 17 languages available.

Fulfillment Options

Choose from branded prepaid reward cards, checks and virtual or physical rewards.

Reporting and Analytics

We offer a 24/7 reporting portal with standard and custom dashboards. Benefit from our in-house analytics team with data-driven insights and program enhancements.

Claims Processing

Accurate mail-in and digital claim and submission validation is a snap with our powerful rules-based validation engine, team of claim processors and leading fraud and risk management protocol.

Validation and Fraud Management

We help you protect your investment with complex program validation and risk management options for claim processing and reward issuance.

Strategic Alliances

Our wide range of industry-leading alliances gives us the added power to offer you more.

We deliver engaging platforms that are quick to launch, highly configurable, and easy to use.

Our reward delivery platform that connects your people and platforms to the right rewards, Hawk Marketplace enables comprehensive reward management via our portal and API solutions. It provides ordering, funding, loading, activation and reporting services for 700+ rewards for your organization.

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