Thought Leaders

Sheree Thornsberry

General Manager, Incentives

Sheree Thornsberry oversees growth strategy and solutions, and directs all of the incentive business for Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. Sheree has over 15 years of experience in the incentive space, with a focus on executive management, sales, product innovation and operations.

Dan Hawtof

Vice President, Business Strategy and Management

Dan Hawtof is responsible for platform development strategy and solutions for the product technology teams. Dan brings over 25 years of experience in senior product management and marketing leadership to our team.

Franz Zemen

Vice President, Engineering

Franz Zemen oversees all information technology strategy, development and platform solutions. Franz brings his expertise in SaaS solutions, technology operations and software engineering training to Hawk Incentives.

Jay Grinde

Vice President, Utility

Jay Grinde drives solution innovation, strategy and business development for our utility division.

Jen Worley

Vice President, Product Development

Jen Worley leads strategy, innovation, development and management of our reward products portfolio.

Theresa McEndree

Vice President, Marketing

Theresa McEndree leads the marketing strategy, solutions and communications for all of our incentive business units.

Tom Vagt

Vice President, Customer Service

Tom Vagt leads the global customer care and data operations teams that support our client’s incentive programs. For more than 25 years, Tom has built and managed highly effective contact center operations.